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Coloured Toric Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

Until very recently it was impossible for people with astigmatism to buy coloured contact lenses for themselves online. Now with the help of Optyk Rozmus you can. We have made Soleko Queens Solitaire Colour Toric contact lenses available online and in the UK.

They come in 8 beautiful natural colours and are custom made to order as a quarterly contact lens.

Soleko Queens Solitaire Aqua Toric Contact Lenses
Finally people with astigmatism can wear coloured contact lenses! Try now Soleko Queen's Solitaire Aqua toric contact lenses and enjoy beautiful look and great vision clarity.
£22.99 £30.99
Soleko Queens Solitaire Jade Toric Contact Lenses
If you've got light eyes and astigmatism, these coloured contact lenses are perfect for you - order a pair of Soleko Queens Solitaire Jade from Optyk Rozmus now!
£22.99 £30.99
Soleko Queens Solitaire Light Blue Toric Contact Lenses
Get a pair of beautiful Soleko Queen's Solitaire Light Blue contact lenses if you have light eyes and suffer from astigmatism. Optyk Rozmus offers them with the best prices!
£22.99 £30.99
3.0 out of 5
Soleko Queens Solitaire Light Green Toric Contact Lenses
Give your eyes a beautiful light green colour with Soleko Queen's Solitaire Light Green contact lenses! Now your astigmatism is no longer a problem when it comes to buying coloured lenses.
£22.99 £30.99
5.0 out of 5
Soleko Queens Solitaire Pearl Toric Contact Lenses
Exceptional colouring and excellent astigmatism correction - these are the main features of Soleko Queen's Solitaire Pearl contact lenses. Order them now at Optyk Rozmus!
£22.99 £30.99
4.0 out of 5
Soleko Queens Solitaire Spice Toric Contact Lenses
Beautiful cinnamon colouring and excellent vision correction even in the most severe astigmatism cases - that's the characteristic of Soleko Queen's Solitaire Spice contacts. Order them online now!
£22.99 £30.99
4.0 out of 5
Soleko Queens Solitaire Violet Toric Contact Lenses
Try Soleko Queen's Solitaire Violet contact lenses if you fancy delicate violet eyes and a perfect astigmatism correction. Their range of powers is very wide providing help for almost all astigmatism sufferers.
£22.99 £30.99
Soleko Queens Solitaire Yellow Toric Contact Lenses
Unique colour and a wide selection of corrective powers - these are the features of Soleko Queen's Solitaire Yellow contact lenses. Order them online at Optyk Rozmus! 1 lens per box.
£22.99 £30.99

Coloured Toric Contact Lenses

Coloured Toric Contact Lenses Astigmatism requires additional vision correction - it's not just about spherical powers any more, you also need cylinder and axis parameters included in your prescription. Some astigmatic patients can see pretty well with just regular lenses, if their astigmatism is very minor, however most of them feel much better wearing toric contact lenses meant exactly for that purpose. 

Because there are so many parameters in play and lenses are practically custom made, finding them in colours is very hard. Fortunately now we can offer that luxury to all our astigmatic patients thanks to our new range of coloured toric contact lenses from Soleko. 

These contacts are meant for light eyes as their colouring is very natural and subtle. They are available in a very wide range of parameters which makes them perfect for correcting even the most complicated astigmatism. Order a pair now and enjoy your new beautiful look with great vision correction.

What's different about coloured toric contact lenses?

These lenses are sold individually. This allows the customer to select exactly the prescription they need for each eye. This is because only very rarely does a patients with astigmatism have exactly the same prescription in each eye. What’s far more common is that they differ greatly so purchasing pairs of lenses does not make good sense.

It's worth noting that if you include the colours there are over 140,000 permutation of prescription for coloured toric contact lenses, which is why they are made to order.