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Colour Contact Lenses

A variety of colours and shades that can completely alter your looks.

2 Tone Aqua (N226) | Colour Contact Lenses
Perfect for people with blue eyes who'd like to enhance their natural eye colour and make it brighter and sexier.
£11.21 £25.99
2 Tone Blue (N221) | Colour Contact Lenses
Blue, very delicate colour details and classy style that can be used as an every day beauty accessory. Very comfortable.
£11.21 £25.99
2 Tone Brown (N224) | Colour Contact Lenses
If you want to compliment your look with lovely light brown highlights, you're in the right place.
£11.21 £25.99
2 Tone Green (N222) | Colour Contact Lenses
Beautiful 2 tone shades of green, excellent for blue make-up and any type of skin complexion. Available in powers and perfect for daily use.
£11.21 £25.99
2 Tone Grey (N225) | Colour Contact Lenses
Very natural, eye colour enhancing 2 tone grey. They suit any type of skin complexion and any kind of makeup.
£11.21 £25.99
2 Tone Hazel (N227) | Colour Contact Lenses
Perfect for every day use, will cover your natural eye colour and provide you with excellent vision correction.
£11.21 £25.99
2 Tone Honey (N228) | Colour Contact Lenses
Honey is a great solution for people with dark eyes, who'd like to dramatically alter their appearance.
£11.21 £25.99
2 Tone Violet (N223) | Colour Contact Lenses
Gives you that amazing deep look. They work great with green and brown makeup and can be worn every day.
£11.21 £25.99
3 Tone Aqua (N326) | Colour Contact Lenses
Natural looking 3 tone colour enhancement. Think pools of blue on a tropical island.
£11.21 £25.99
3 Tone Blue | Colour Contact Lenses
Very natural and beautiful effect on the eyes. Change your look quickly and easily.
£10.19 £16.99
3 Tone Blue (N321) | Colour Contact Lenses
A beautiful, deep blue colour that will perfectly suit green and brown make-up.
£11.21 £25.99
3 Tone Brown | Colour Contact Lenses
Extra natural effect when inserted, 3 shades of sexy brown.
£11.04 £16.99
3 Tone Green | Colour Contact Lenses
Subtle eye colour change, enjoy pretty green eyes.
£11.04 £16.99
3 Tone Grey | Colour Contact Lenses
Gain a mysterious look. Will go well with any kind of makeup and on any occasion.
£11.04 £16.99
3 Tone Grey (N325) | Colour Contact Lenses
Our version of 3 shades of grey - another mysterious variation. Compliment any kind of make-up and skin complexion giving you a pretty spark.
£11.21 £25.99
3 Tone Violet | Colour Contact Lenses
This gentle violet will look amazing with green or brown makeup making your eyes incredibly sexy.
£11.04 £16.99
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Who are coloured contacts for?

When they were first invented, contact lenses were only used for vision correction, giving millions of delighted users the possibility to get rid of glasses once and for all. Then, when tinted lenses were introduced, their role started to change gradually, as people began to perceive them as much more than mere means of vision correction. They became, among other things, an important fashion accessory, an essential element of fancy dress party costumes and an indispensable tool for film make-up artists.

Our online shop offers coloured contacts in countless shades and colours available in all sizes and shapes, providing a perfect match for every occasion. In this category, you will find cosmetic lenses that are designed to change the appearance of your eyes without affecting your vision as well as corrective coloured contacts that can be used as a replacement for standard lenses on a daily basis.

You can choose between translucent lenses only enhancing your natural eye colour (usually recommended for people with lighter irises) and lenses that are almost completely opaque, capable of changing your eye colour dramatically (recommended for people with darker irises and those who are not afraid to attract a lot of attention to themselves). In addition, the category includes a huge number of options for the fans of cosplay and extravagant looks, ranging from yellowish vampire lenses to neon-blue alien ones.

Irrespective of their shade and design, all coloured contact lenses sold at Optyk Rozmus online shop are CE approved, which means they are just as safe, healthy and comfortable as standard corrective contact lenses.

What kinds of colour contact lenses are there?

You can distinguish plenty of different types of colour contacts depending on their function and use. Our classification groups them based on the effect they provide.

  1. Colour enhancers - contacts that blend with your natural eye colour giving it a nice boost or adding a certain sparkle to your iris. They provide a very natural look and are perfect for everyday use.
  2. Opaque cosmetic lenses - they provide a distinct eye colour change as they do not blend with your iris, but instead they cover it completely. This type of contacts is recommended for actors, cosplayers or anybody who wants to dramatically change their looks but at the same time wants it to look natural and not grotesque.
  3. Circle lenses - also known as big eyes contacts, their function is to enlarge your irises, so that your eyes get the characteristic kawaii doll like effect. They are great for day to day use, but are particularly recommended for romantic dates and big nights out.
  4. Novelty lenses - contacts featuring bright colours and scary or funny patterns meant for special occasions such as Halloween parties, theatrical plays, cosplay events, etc. They are immensely popular among makeup artists creating character transformations and cosplayers dressing up as their favourite protagonists. Our store offers a few types of novelty contacts which vary in size and effects they create:
    • Standard size crazy contacts - regular costume lenses with colourful patterns, often available with powers.
    • Mini sclera contacts with 17mm diameter - bigger than standard ones, provide unnatural eye enlargement, only available in zero power.
    • Sclera contacts covering the whole eyes (22mm in diameter) - used in professional photo shoots and on movie sets, create a shocking effect on the eyes.
    • UV lenses glowing under UV light - brightly coloured products that glow under UV light, perfect for clubbing.