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Colour Contact Lenses

Just like jewellery or make up, colour contact lenses can be used to change your look and improve your overall attractiveness. We have an amazing range of colours, some of which are designed especially for people who just wish to change their appearance without need of vision correction. Additionally we stock a wide variety of colour contact lenses in the UK that provide corrective prescriptions.

Opaque colour contact lenses are best suited for people with dark eyes and more translucent ones are great for light-eyed lens wearers. Depending on the purpose, coloured contacts can either change your look dramatically or just slightly enhance the colour of the iris. Either way, all our coloured contact lenses in the UK are CE approved and just as comfortable and safe as any other type of contact lenses. So buy coloured contact lenses now!

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2 Tone Aqua (N226) | Colour Contact Lenses
Perfect for people with blue eyes who'd like to enhance their natural eye colour and make it brighter and sexier.
£11.89 £25.99
4.0 out of 5
2 Tone Blue (N221) | Colour Contact Lenses
Blue, very delicate colour details and classy style that can be used as an every day beauty accessory. Very comfortable.
£11.89 £25.99
5.0 out of 5
2 Tone Brown (N224) | Colour Contact Lenses
If you want to compliment your look with lovely light brown highlights, you're in the right place.
£11.89 £25.99
2 Tone Green (N222) | Colour Contact Lenses
Beautiful 2 tone shades of green, excellent for blue make-up and any type of skin complexion. Available in powers and perfect for daily use.
£11.89 £25.99
5.0 out of 5
2 Tone Grey (N225) | Colour Contact Lenses
Very natural, eye colour enhancing 2 tone grey. They suit any type of skin complexion and any kind of makeup.
£11.89 £25.99
5.0 out of 5
2 Tone Hazel (N227) | Colour Contact Lenses
Perfect for every day use, will cover your natural eye colour and provide you with excellent vision correction.
£11.89 £25.99
2 Tone Honey (N228) | Colour Contact Lenses
Honey is a great solution for people with dark eyes, who'd like to dramatically alter their appearance.
£11.89 £25.99
5.0 out of 5
2 Tone Violet (N223) | Colour Contact Lenses
Gives you that amazing deep look. They work great with green and brown makeup and can be worn every day.
£11.89 £25.99
4.7 out of 5
3 Tone Aqua (N326) | Colour Contact Lenses
Natural looking 3 tone colour enhancement. Think pools of blue on a tropical island.
£11.89 £25.99
5.0 out of 5
3 Tone Blue | Colour Contact Lenses
Very natural and beautiful effect on the eyes. Change your look quickly and easily.
£12.99 £16.99
3 Tone Blue (N321) | Colour Contact Lenses
A beautiful, deep blue colour that will perfectly suit green and brown make-up.
£11.89 £25.99
3 Tone Brown | Colour Contact Lenses
Extra natural effect when inserted, 3 shades of sexy brown.
£12.99 £16.99
3 Tone Green | Colour Contact Lenses
Subtle eye colour change, enjoy pretty green eyes.
£12.99 £16.99
3 Tone Grey | Colour Contact Lenses
Gain a mysterious look. Will go well with any kind of makeup and on any occasion.
£12.99 £16.99
5.0 out of 5
3 Tone Grey (N325) | Colour Contact Lenses
Our version of 3 shades of grey - another mysterious variation. Compliment any kind of make-up and skin complexion giving you a pretty spark.
£11.89 £25.99
3.7 out of 5
3 Tone Violet | Colour Contact Lenses
This gentle violet will look amazing with green or brown makeup making your eyes incredibly sexy.
£12.99 £16.99
4.0 out of 5

Coloured Contact Lenses

There are several reasons why people switch from glasses to contact lenses. One of the most significant is of course beauty. Coloured contact lenses not only offer eyesight correction but also enhance the looks of the person wearing them. With the range of coloured contacts that are currently available on the market, one can be sure that there is something for everyone. Even if you don’t have a prescription, most colour contact lenses are available in zero power otherwise known as plano.

Air Optix Colors contact lensesAs well as natural coloured contact lenses, Optyk Rozmus offers colour enhancers orbig eyes contact lenses, which are contact lenses that enlarge one’s iris as wel as a wide selection of crazy contact lenses perfect for parties and social occasions. Due to rapid technological development, modern colour contact lenses are manufactured using the same silicone hydrogel material as the regular contact lenses, providing the same amount of comfort, visual acuity and safety.

The introduction of contact lenses to the eye care market some years ago is considered by many to be a revolution in personal health and nearly toppled the spectacles market. Many people started to use them as a convenient alternative to glasses during special occasions or sports practice and others completely switched to using contacts instead of spectacles. Contact lenses provided people with eye problems a means to keep their normal spectacle free look and feel comfortable in any environment. There is another, more gradual revolution going on at the moment, which is related to the introduction of coloured contact lenses. Since their introduction contact lens wearers can not only keep their natural look while enjoying healthy crisp clear vision, but they can also alter your appearance quite beautifully. Optyk Rozmus offers a wide choice of colour lenses from all the best brands and available in a huge range of colours and patterns.

When coloured contact lenses were first introduced, they were mainly used for parties and special occasions as they guaranteed extraordinary looks and the possibility of changing one’s appearance dramatically. Eventually however, some people started wearing them on a daily basis like an every-day accessory as it made their look more interesting and attractive. 

We offer a wide variety of coloured contact lenses

Optyk Rozmus is happy to offer a wide variety of coloured contact lenses from completely opaque sclera lenses that can alter your appearance dramatically to subtle light ones which enhance your natural looks and will likely cause your colleagues to wonder what has changed about you. Despite the fact that all colour contact lenses are also available for people without the need for sight correction and you may want to buy them right away, it is always better to see an eye care professional before doing so. He will provide you with the details of your eye size and advice on what type of lenses would be best for you. He may also instruct you on how to insert a lens safely and how to take care of it after usage. Remember, that putting anything in your eye in a careless manner can be very dangerous and should be avoided unless you know how.  

ColourVue Space Blue contact lensesYou should also find out which type of lens suits your eye.

There are 4 main types of coloured contact lenses

  • crazy contact lenses, Novelty contact lenses or theatrical contact lenses - these lenses are available in many different colours and styles, like cat eyes, vampire, zombie eyes, big eyes as made famous by Lady Ga Ga etc. Some of the lenses from this group may be really disturbing and are really only suited to parties. Others are quite popular among people wanting to incorporate them in their everyday lifestyle. A good example of these are Adria crazy colour contact lenses and ColourVue contact lenses.
  • Enhancement – they slightly enhance your natural eye colour by changing the shade a little bit. Most of them are translucent. An example of these would be Freshlook colourblends contact lenses.
  • Colour Changing – these colour contact lenses are characterized by strong vibrant colours that completely alter the look of the eye. Lenses from this group are usually opaque although it is of course possible to see through them as they have a transparent area for the pupil. Examples of these would be Neo Cosmo contact lenses.
  • Light Catching – lenses from this group are created in order to reflect light in the iris giving an unusual shine or extraordinary patterns. An example of these would be Freshlook dimensions contact lenses.

We provide a great range of coloured contact lenses to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. What’s more, we realize that coloured contacts are used not only by people wanting to improve their looks but also by those that would like to combine the alteration of appearance with eye correction

At Optyk Rozmus we have a wide range of different types of colour contact lenses – the variety of colours and sizes as well as eye correction options give you the opportunity to choose a product that will suit you the best. When choosing a particular pair of coloured contact lenses, take your skin complexion and hair tints as well as style of clothing into consideration. Just as important a factor is the frequency in which you would like to dispose of your lenses – after every use or periodically. 

Whatever your choices in coloured contact lenses, Optyk Rozmus is the place where you will find what you are looking for.