ColourVue Sclera Sabretooth 22mm Contact Lenses

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ColourVue Sclera Sabretooth 22mm Contact Lenses

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4 Star

Reasons to buy ColourVue Sclera Sabretooth 22mm Contact Lenses

ColourVue Sclera Sabretooth contact lenses on a model MerrySynthSabretooth sclera lenses are our most freaky, scary costume contact lenses. They bring you a Hollywood standard of crazy contacts with their amazing colour and large size that covers the whole eye. Make your eyes completely black and scare the hell out of your friends on your costume party – we guarantee that you won’t come across anybody dressed better than you!

ColourVue Sclera Sabretooth are one of the most popular model among artists working with make up and costumes. Thanks to them, CGI techniques are no longer in use!


  • large, 22mm diameter lens
  • covering the whole eye
  • only plano (zero power) lenses
  • 6 monthly disposable contacts
  • 2 lenses in vials
  • 45% water content
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ReviewsColourVue Sclera Sabretooth 22mm Contact Lenses

Review Rating:

4 Star
number of reviews:8, average rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars
New York 2 Star “I bought these eye contacts for Halloween. I thought it would be an awesome feature to my makeup. These contacts are a good price, and were nicely shipped. I am familiar with scleras and have a lot of experience with these kind of contact. The first time I put them in they were a bit annoying All scleras are annoying for 10-15 minutes and eventually stopped. Another time I put them in, which was like 1 month later They hurt, and it was painful, now, I can't wear these particular contacts. And, One of them ripped in half.... I am not rough with my contacts, I don't recommend these just because of that.”
Wypizdowo 4 Star “No, musze przyznac, spoko to wyglada, ale ta cena taka jakby troche za duza. Prawie 300 zl za soczewki na pól roku i tylko, zeby od czasu do czasu zalozyc moim zdaniem troche za drogo. Co innego jakby byly no. po 200 zl, to juz inna sprawa, ale ogólnie jest ok.”
Kielpino 5 Star “Soczewki sa rewelacyjne. Polecam szczególnie dla dzieci.”
g 5 Star “kuzwa czy zawsze musi sie znaleSc jakis hejter ,który bedzie mówil ze jest do dupy tylko dlatego ze bardzo tego pozada i go na to nie stac ? ludzie wezcie sie kurwa w garsc jak mi cos nie pasuje to tam nie wchodze i tyle jebane lemingi”
uae,dubai,mizhar1,st 33d,villa 76 5 Star “this is amazing

Transylwania 1 Star “Co za kicz! Od kiedy wampiry musza wspomagaczy uzywac? To jak wy ludzie przed kazdym stosunkiem byscie wpierdalali kilo wiagry. Janek Wampir praprapraprawnuk Draculi.”
brasil palmas taquaralto 5 Star “me entereço muito em compra um lente preta de 22 mm”
wawa 5 Star “CUDOOOOOOO!!”
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