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Mini Sclera 17mm Contact Lenses

Crazy contact lenses taken to another level.

Image by neoniaartist

Black Titan 17mm Mini Sclera
£21.99 £29.99
Blackhole Sun 17mm Mini Sclera
£21.99 £29.99
Daredevil 17mm Mini Sclera
£21.99 £29.99
Deadpool 17mm Mini Sclera
£21.99 £29.99
Green Goblin 17mm Mini Sclera
£21.99 £29.99
Minotaur 17mm Mini Sclera
£21.99 £29.99
Nebulos 17mm Mini Sclera
£21.99 £29.99
Ravenous 17mm Mini Sclera
£21.99 £29.99
Tigera 17mm Mini Sclera
£21.99 £29.99
Venus 17mm Mini Sclera
£21.99 £29.99

What's different about Mini Sclera lenses?

For those who believe that standard-size Halloween contact lenses appear too ordinary, we have a great collection of Mini Sclera lenses, which constitute an excellent compromise between ease-of-wear and awesome effect. Thanks to their large diameter (which is 17mm), they are able to create an extraordinary look, impossible to achieve with conventional contacts. Wearing mini sclera crazy contact lenses, your eyes will appear huge and immediately attract attention. And because these designs are generally out of this world, you are bound to make an indelible impression on others.

The colours and designs available in this category include bloody red, ideal for a vampire or alien costume, spooky white, which can be very useful for your zombie outfit and our best selling design: plain black. The last model called Black Titan is extremely versatile and has been chosen by many happy customers for their Halloween costumes. They are also often combined with artistic makeup works and even people’s daily looks (black mini scleras are particularly popular among the fans of alternative and goth fashion).

Mini scleras also include other colours, such as green, blue and yellow, all tailored for different costumes and occasions. The eye enlargement effect that they provide is like a cherry on top for many artistic makeup creations, so you will find them used by many professionals from around the world.All of the designs in this category are quite unique and hard to forget. Give them a go and you may never go back to ‘normal’ coloured lenses.

Even though the 17mm contacts seem extremely big, they are actually not that difficult to handle. With a little practice, they can be inserted and removed almost as easily as conventional contacts. For this reason, it is good to start with 17mm contacts if you’d like to try full eye scleras one day, as the latter is much more tricky to master. What is more, a mini sclera lens is made of the same, clinically tested materials as the regular variety, thus ensuring proper comfort and safety. If maintained correctly, one pair could be worn off and on for as long as a year, so you can shock your friends on a number of occasions.

Due to their special manufacturing technology, 17mm contacts are only available as plano (zero power) lenses, so if you need vision correction, look among our standard size ones. Also, remember to grab a bottle of solution with an included lens case for cleaning and storing your contacts when you’re not using them. The standard lens case is big enough for 17mm diameter lenses, but some people find it easier to store them in a sclera lens case, which is something you are also able to order on our website.

Customer Reviews for our Mini Sclera 17mm Contacts

Number of reviews: 37
Average Rating: 4.7 out of 5