Contact Lens Types

Why do customers keep coming back to Optyk Rozmus? It's because we provide the best choice of contact lenses online in the UK. We offer all types of contact lenses available today, including daily disposable contact lenses, monthly contact lenses, toric contacts, multifocal contacts and finally coloured and crazy contact lenses.

Soft contact lenses appear in different types. Daily disposable contacts can be worn just for one day and then they need to be thrown away. Thanks to the fact that you wear a fresh pair of contacts every day, they are mostly recommended for people with sensitive eyes and proneness for allergies. Monthly disposable contacts can be worn for a month, of course given the proper hygiene routine. Some of them can also be worn continuously for 2 weeks or even for 30 days and nights. Check our continuous wear contact lenses to learn about the details. Then there are quarterly contacts that can be used up to 3 months and some of our ceazy contacts in zero power can be used up to a year! Coloured and crazy contact lenses can be worn just for cosmetic reasons but also for eye vision correction - look for coloured contact lenses in powers to achieve both. We also offer strictly costume contact lenses, that will make you look incredibly freaky. These are for example glowing contacts which glow under UV light and sclera contact lenses that cover your whole eyes. Try them now!

We are proud to provide contact lenses from only the best manufacturers that are known for their proven quality and reliability. As a real optician we have on our staff doctors and optometrists, who support us with their expert knowledge and experience. Therefore you can be sure that all our products and services represent quality second to none.