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Zombie Contact Lenses

The popularity of "The Walking Dead" series as well as multiple zombie video games have brought zombies back to life. If you want to turn into one of them, Optyk Rozmus offers a wide variety of zombie contact lenses. They are absolutely perfect for costume parties, Halloween and Zombie Walks as well as game related cosplay. Make your eyes look creepy white, red or bloody with our zombie contact lenses.

Image by Making Hell

ColourVue Barbie Pink Contact Lenses
Kawaii type cosplay is one of the best costumes you can use these lenses with. ColourVue Crazy Barbie Pink contacts feature a light pink colour which will give your eyes an amazing, almost zombie-like look.
£13.99 £21.99
ColourVue Bio Hazard Contact Lenses
Danger! Don't get near or you'll enter a bio hazard zone. Wear crazy ColourVue Bio Hazard contacts and get ready for a biological war!
£13.99 £21.99
ColourVue Blood Shot Coloured Contact Lenses
Get a creepy look with blood shot eyes. These lenses will make you look really sick or extremely hungover. A pack of two quarterly lenses.
£13.99 £21.99
5.0 out of 5
ColourVue Cross Eyed Contact Lenses
Crazy zombie with a squint? Only with ColourVye Cross Eyed contacts! Order them now at Optyk Rozmus and freak people out!
£13.99 £21.99
ColourVue Jigsaw Contact Lenses
Become a zombie or a vampire with these horrific contact lenses! ColourVue Crazy Jigsaw contacts feature blood veins and blotches to give you a diseased look, just what you need for your Halloween party!
£13.99 £21.99
ColourVue Lightning Contact Lenses
White and blue contact lenses with lightning theme. ColourVue Crazy Lightning can be successfully used in all sorts of costumes, ranging from zombie to vampire and alien. Order them now!
£13.99 £21.99
ColourVue Lunatic Contact Lenses
Zombie white contact lenses perfect for your Halloween costume! Their ragged edge makes them stand out from the other white lenses. ColourVue Crazy Lunatic contacts are available in prescription!
£13.99 £21.99
5.0 out of 5
ColourVue Moon Diablo Contact Lenses
Unusual white and pink contact lenses perfect for zombie costumes! ColourVue Crazy Moon Diablo lenses feature a pink colour area which is reminiscent of blood but their colour makes them unique.
£13.99 £21.99
ColourVue Tremor Contact Lenses
Cracked pupil look will surely give you tremors! ColourVue Crazy Tremor contact lenses are one of our creepiest costume contact lenses, so don't miss them while you prepare for Halloween.
£13.99 £21.99
4.5 out of 5
ColourVue White Zombie Contact Lenses
Look like Marilyn Manson with these freaky white contact lenses with black outer circle. ColourVue White Zombie are a perfect Zombie Walk or Halloween costume accessory.
£13.99 £21.99
4.7 out of 5
ColourVue WhiteOut Contact Lenses
Make your eyes totally white with only a natural pupil using ColourVue White Out Contact Lenses. Great for Zombies! Package includes on pair of yearly contact lenses.
£13.99 £21.99
4.9 out of 5
ColourVue Zombie Gray Contact Lenses
Completely grey eyes - very spooky zombie effect, ideal for Halloween and Zombie Walk. Try now these crazy Zombie Gray contact lenses from ColourVue.
£13.99 £21.99
5.0 out of 5
ColourVue White Screen Contact Lenses
Amaze your friends out with these ColourVue White Screen Contact Lenses. Special mesh design covers both your iris and pupil. Your eyes will look completely white.
£13.99 £21.99
4.9 out of 5
ColourVue Glow White Contact Lenses
Why settle for regular white contacts if you can have glowing white contacts! Buy now ColourVue Glow White contact lenses at Optyk Rozmus!
£16.99 £23.99
1.0 out of 5
ColourVue Mini Sclera Black Titan 17mm Contact Lenses
Mesmerizing black contact lenses with an enlarged diameter. ColourVue mini sclera Black Titan will go perfectly with any costume, so order them online now!
£21.99 £29.99
4.2 out of 5
ColourVue Mini Sclera Blackhole Sun 17mm Contact Lenses
Big diameter contact lenses perfect for costume parties. ColourVue Blackhole Sun contacts will make your eyes look incredibly creepy. Order online now at Optyk Rozmus!
£21.99 £29.99
4.0 out of 5