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Contact Lens Themes

Different occasions demand different themes. To make it easier we have divided our coloured contact lenses into the most popular themes. Check them out now and find contact lenses perfectly suited for your occasion.

Our selection of contact lens themes includes colour lenses that will make you look like a movie character, like a zombie or even a vampire. If you are looking for an absolutely freaky effect, you should try some of our Special Effects contact lenses. Some of them glow in UV light, cover your whole eye or do other amazing things that will give you a look that sets you apart from the rest.

Buy Zombie Contact Lenses

Sclera, screen, white and grey - there is something for every zombie.

Browse Vampire Contact Lenses

Bram Stoker to True Blood and the Twilight Series.

Devil Contact Lenses

Black sclerals to dragon eyes slits.

Movie Contact Lenses

Mortal Engines, Anime, Star Wars, GOT, Walking Dead, Twilight.

Explore Costume Contact Lenses

There are a lot too choose from and endless posibilities.

Get Special Effects Contact Lenses

Glow, Mesh, Sclera and more.

Order Novelty Contact Lenses

If you've never tried it, it's a novelty :)

Which contact lens theme is best for you?

If you work in theater or on a movie set, you might want to wear contact lenses that will make you look distinctively different than others. Among our theatrical contact lenses theme you will find bright coloured contacts that will be easily visible for your audience and will surely help you stand out. Also we especially recommend scleral contact lenses that cover your whole eyes. The effect they provide is strikingly visible even from a distance.

Browse our contact lens themes and find everything you need.