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Yellow Contact Lenses

Many animals have yellow eyes (cats, lizards, fish), but us humans are not lucky enough to have such an amazing eye colour.

Yellow coloured contact lenses mostly belong to the crazy category, but some of the Fashion and Beauty contact lenses have also been categorized as yellow to make your search easier and more accurate. With these contact lenses you will surely never go unnoticed - you will rule all the costume parties and cosplays thanks to these weird coloured contacts. Try them now!

Image by kettuprinssi

2 Tone Honey (N228) | Yellow Contact Lenses
Honey is a great solution for people with dark eyes, who'd like to dramatically alter their appearance.
£11.21 £25.99
Air Optix Colors Honey | Yellow Contact Lenses
Beautiful gold highlights that feel very comfortable. A subtle change that will be hard to detect.
£18.99 £26.99
Angel Dust 22mm Sclera | Yellow Contact Lenses
Black and yellow full eye contacts providing an unbelievable effect on the eyes.
£62.99 £85.99
Avatar | Yellow Contact Lenses
Become Neytiri from Avatar thanks to interesting green beauties.
£13.99 £21.99
Bio Hazard | Yellow Contact Lenses
Danger - bio hazard zone! Very freaky and very cool.
£13.99 £21.99
Blackhole Sun 17mm Mini Sclera | Yellow Contact Lenses
Big diameter perfect for costume parties. These will make your eyes look incredibly creepy.
£21.99 £29.99
Cat Eyes | Yellow Contact Lenses
Look like a sexy pussy cat. Available in prescription powers.
£11.89 £21.99
Darth Maul | Yellow Contact Lenses
Styled after Darth Maul from Star Wars. Perfect if you are going full on Sith lord.
£13.99 £21.99
Dragon Eye | Yellow Contact Lenses
Fiery eyes of the beast with a slit pupil surrounded by red with a yellow sunburst.
£11.89 £21.99
Dragonfly 22mm Sclera | Yellow Contact Lenses
Whole eye yellow scleral lens, with red bloodshot and black slit through the pupil. Mesmerising and wild.
£62.99 £85.99
Flame Hot | Yellow Contact Lenses
Red and orange flames on a black background, meant to make you look, hot as hell.
£13.99 £21.99
Freshlook ColorBlends Honey | Yellow Contact Lenses
Perfect for autumn, honey with hints of shiny gold. Sparkle in the sun.
£18.99 £26.99
Glamour Honey | Yellow Contact Lenses
Honey and marmalade tones in flames over a black iris. Striking with red accessories.
£11.89 £20.99
Glow Orange | Yellow Contact Lenses
Glowing clubbing? You need these and bit of UV lippy and you're sorted.
£16.99 £23.99
Glow Yellow | Yellow Contact Lenses
Your eyes will shine like the moon. Use them for a nigh club or UV equipped party.
£16.99 £23.99
Luminor | Yellow Contact Lenses
Orange and yellow flames breaking from behind the pupil in an explosion like pattern. A very mysterious effect.
£13.99 £21.99
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