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Violet Contact Lenses: English in GBP
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Fioletowe Soczewki: Po polsku w PLN
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Violet Contact Lenses

Unusual, yet beautiful colour for your eyes.

2 Tone Violet (N223) Contact Lenses
£9.34 £25.99
3 Tone Violet Contact Lenses
£12.99 £16.99
3 Tone Violet - EXPIRY 2020
£6.49 £16.99
Barbie Pink Contact Lenses
£14.50 £21.99
BigEyes Ultra Violet Contact Lenses
£14.99 £21.99
Colossus 22mm Sclera Contact Lenses
£62.99 £85.99
Elegance Pink Contact Lenses
£12.89 £15.99
Freshlook ColorBlends Amethyst Contact Lenses
£18.99 £26.99
Freshlook Colors Violet Contact Lenses
£18.99 £26.99
Glamour Violet Contact Lenses
£13.99 £20.99
Glow Pink Contact Lenses
£18.50 £25.99
Glow Pink Jubilee Contact Lenses
£18.50 £25.99
Queens Oros Mystery Violet Contact Lenses
£22.99 £29.99
Queens Solitaire Violet Contact Lenses
£26.99 £31.99
Queens Solitaire Violet Toric Contact Lenses
£22.99 £30.99
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Violet Contacts

Using a colour that doesn’t appear naturally in the human eye, violet contact lenses create a beautiful and intriguing look without crossing the line between ‘interesting’ and ‘weird’. Unless, of course, you go for a crazy violet option, also available at our online shop.

Our selection of violet coloured contact lenses ranges from discreet designs, which only add an extra tone to your eyes, to really bold ones, radically changing their appearance. If you need vision correction, you can choose prescription violet lenses, allowing you to sport this extraordinary look on a daily basis.

Irrespective of which design you decide to wear, you will be amazed by the comfort and vision the lenses provide. All of our violet coloured contact lenses are made of highly breathable, healthy materials and meet the strictest quality standards, which you’ll immediately appreciate.

Take a look around! Maybe violet turns to be just the right colour for your eyes!

Customer Reviews for our Violet Contact Lenses

Number of reviews: 38
Average Rating: 4.7 out of 5