ColourVue Crazy Kronos Contact Lenses

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ColourVue Crazy Kronos Contact Lenses

Reasons to buy ColourVue Crazy Kronos Contact Lenses

Kronos Contact LensesJust like ColourVue Mirror contact lenses, these contacts provide you with an amazing effect of shining, metallic eyes, that you won't find in any other product. ColourVue Crazy Kronos contacts feature silver area surrounded with delicate golden flakes, which gives them a beautiful depth and intriguing look.

These lenses are not an every day use accessory unless you like to stand out from the crowd on a daily basis. They will definitely draw attention. Thanks to their highly unusual look they make a perfect costume accessory, ideal for cosplays and costume parties.

Key features :

  • 2 lenses per box 8.6 BC, 14mm Diameter
  • Available in zero power
  • Available as ONE year permanent lenses in vial
  • Patented hydrogel material
  • High Oxygen permeability
  • Exceptional comfort European CE approved, ISO 9001
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