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Brown Coloured Contact Lenses

Very popular among people with blue or light eyes. This is due to the fact that brown coloured contact lenses are usually dark and sultry – except for the honey coloured contact lenses – they perfectly suit all people, no matter what their natural eye colour is. If you have brown hair or like to wear blue or green make-up, brown contact lenses are a perfect choice for you. Almost all brown contact lenses Optyk Rozmus has to offer are available in powers, so they can be worn by people with a prescription.

2 Tone Brown (N224) | Brown Contact Lenses
If you want to compliment your look with lovely light brown highlights, you're in the right place.
£16.99 £25.99
2 Tone Hazel (N227) | Brown Contact Lenses
Perfect for every day use, will cover your natural eye colour and provide you with excellent vision correction.
£16.99 £25.99
2 Tone Honey (N228) | Brown Contact Lenses
Honey is a great solution for people with dark eyes, who'd like to dramatically alter their appearance.
£16.99 £25.99
3 Tone Brown | Brown Contact Lenses
Extra natural effect when inserted, 3 shades of sexy brown.
£12.99 £16.99
Air Optix Colors Brown | Brown Contact Lenses
Enjoy a bit of subtle brown colour change and correct your vision at the same time.
£18.99 £26.99
Air Optix Colors Honey | Brown Contact Lenses
Beautiful gold highlights that feel very comfortable. A subtle change that will be hard to detect.
£18.99 £26.99
Air Optix Colors Pure Hazel | Brown Contact Lenses
The subtle and gorgeous look that you have come to expect as well as comfort and convenience.
£18.99 £26.99
BigEyes Pretty Hazel | Brown Contact Lenses
Natural parrern in nutty rich colours. Larger more doll like size and appearance.
£14.99 £21.99
BigEyes Sexy Brown | Brown Contact Lenses
Go sexy brown for bigger, brighter lingering looks.
£14.99 £21.99
BigEyes Sweet Honey | Brown Contact Lenses
Fabulous golden honey colour that will enlarge your eyes. And you can wear them every day as they are available in prescription powers.
£14.99 £21.99
Brown (N234) | Brown Contact Lenses
Marvelous light brown designed to create a lovely and natural effect on your eyes and provide a first class vision correction as well as comfort.
£16.99 £25.99
Brown Clover (N534) | Brown Contact Lenses
Pretty brown colour, a beautiful clover shape and a black ring that enlarges the eye.
£16.99 £25.99
Brown Colour Ring (N024) | Brown Contact Lenses
Brooding, sexy, deep. All words used to describe this higly popular and well loved design.
£16.99 £25.99
Cheerful Woody Brown | Brown Contact Lenses
Simple, natural looking design giving you lovely, light-brown eyes and outstanding vision quality.
£14.99 £21.99
Elegance Brown | Brown Contact Lenses
Enhance your brown eyes and give your look and elegant something.
£11.89 £15.99
Eyelush Brown | Brown Contact Lenses
If you're looking for a wild brown with hints of intensity and depth, these are it.
£11.89 £19.99
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