ColourVue Crazy Blizzard Contact Lenses

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ColourVue Crazy Blizzard Contact Lenses

Review Rating:

5 Star

Reasons to buy ColourVue Crazy Blizzard Contact Lenses

ColourVue Crazy Blizzard contactsBeautifully blue contact lenses suitable for many different occasions. Even though ColourVue Crazy Blizzard contacts belong to the "Crazy" line of contact lenses, they can be successfully worn on a daily basis, especially by people who already have blue eyes. They feature a lovely blue colouring and an outer black edge that creates an effect of slightly enlarged eyes. They will go perfectly with costumes inspired by Frozen and any other winter themes. Order them now!

Key features :

  • 2 lenses per box 8.6 BC, 14mm Diameter
  • Available in zero power
  • Available as ONE year permanent lenses in vial
  • Patented hydrogel material
  • High Oxygen permeability
  • Exceptional comfort European CE approved, ISO 9001
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ReviewsColourVue Crazy Blizzard Contact Lenses

Review Rating:

5 Star
number of reviews:3, average rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
UK 5 Star “By far the most stunning blue lenses I've tried. Completely covers my dark brown eyes. Not available in prescription though :-(. Solar Blue are a good alternative if you need a prescription.”
Turkey 5 Star “The lenses were really really vibrant and perfect for cosplay. I would recommend them for characters like Arthas from Warcraft or Elsa from Frozen. These lenses give perfect colour for iced frozen themed characters. I used them for Corsair Quinn from League of Legends and I am pretty satisfied with them!

Comfort: 5 5
I easily put them on without any itching. I used them for 5 - 6 hours without any problems and at some point, I even forgot that I wore lenses.

Enlargement: 3 5
These lenses doesn't get your eyes look bigger but that's why I chose them in the first place. I use them to cosplay human characters with vibrant coloured eyes.

Color: 5 5
The color is a really bright blue, with black and white details in it, giving it a 'blizzard' effect. If you want the icy look, these are excellent since they look very striking in photos.”
UK 5 Star “Review by @kxrasu on Instagram

?Comfort? 10 10
These lenses might just be the only lenses that didn't trouble my left eye, these are so comfortable, I LOVE them!
?Colour? 10 10
These lenses don't do a gradient with your natural colour as they are a solid bright blue and then stop at your pupil. This colour is AHMAZING! Perfect for ALL eye colours!
?Shipping? 10 10
I am in the UK and I believe that Optyk are actually in the EU as well. Shipping was extremely fast in my opinion, within two weeks. These arrived with my green ones!
?Overall? 10 10
These lenses are definitely my faves, they are so so perfect!
These work for characters such as Junko Enoshima, Alois Trancy and Yato!”
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