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Contact Lens Colours

To make it simpler and easier for you we have divided our contact lens colours into categories based on the main colour tone of the lens.

Black Contact Lenses

Blackout, BigEyes, full and mini sclera

Blue Contact Lenses

Deep blue, pale blends and even Spaceblue for light and dark eyes.

Brown Contact Lenses

Chestnut, Hazel, honey and more.

Green Contact Lenses

Emerald, sea green, turquoise and jade.

Grey Contact Lenses

Subtle or bold, we have almost 50 shades of grey :)

Red Contact Lenses

Scarlet and blood, red screen and the incredible Volturi.

Sapphire Contact Lenses

Standout blues for standout people.

Violet Contact Lenses

Natual blends, bright styles and glow.

White Contact Lenses

Peal, cyborg and zombie are the favorites here.

Yellow Contact Lenses

From natural honey's to slitted cat eyes.

How to choose the best contact Lens colours for you?

Often this comes down to the moment and the look you are trying to achieve.

Because of this we have included all contact lens types including cosmetic in our colour selections basically so you've got everything in one place.Thanks to this you can now easily find the best lens colours for you that will be sure to go with your outfit and the look you are creating, without compromising on visual acuity. For example you might be looking for black contact lenses for daily use as well as for special occasions, such as Halloween or cosplay.So in the black contact lenses category you will find both types of black lens allowing you to make the choice that is right for you.

Remember that depending on your natural eye colour, some lens colours will look different on you than compared to the manufacturers photo, so it is often worth ordering a few styles to be sure that you are ordering lenses that will create the right effect on your eyes. If you have any doubts about contact lens colours, you are welcome to contact us for advice.

So please browse through our carefully curated colour categories and choose the best contact lens colour for you. No matter what the occasion we are sure to have the answer.