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How to use and care for contact lenses?

Contact lenses are medical products that require special care and great hygiene. Even if you are wearing only coloured contact lenses, solely for cosmetic purposes, you need to have your eyes tested before you do so. To find out why it's so important that you do, read this article.

After your eyes have been tested and you have your first pair of contact lenses, it's time to learn how to care for them. Take a look at the video below, which shows, how to put on and take out contact lenses.

We have also created this list of basic tips to help you use them safely:

  1. Always wash your hands with warm water and soap and dry them with a clean towel before handling contact lenses. Do it after opening the box but before touching the lenses.
  2. Always put lenses in before applying any make up to your eyes.
  3. Never swim with contact lenses in your eyes as it carries a risk of serious infection.
  4. Never use water to clean or rinse your contact lenses, always use contact lens cleaning solution for that.
  5. Don't sleep with contact lenses in your eyes, unless they are continuous (extended) wear contact lenses AND your eye care professional has said that it is ok.
  6. Remember to stick to the replacement schedule stated by the contact lens manufacturer - never wear one pair of contact lenses longer than you are supposed to.
  7. Don't mix up your contact lenses - always wear the same contact lens in your right eye and the other one in your left eye to minimize the risk of spreading an infection between both eyes.
  8. If you haven't worn your contact lenses for a long time (but they are still good for use), turn upside down and gently shake your contact lens container before opening it. That way you will avoid tearing a contact lens that has got stuck to the lid.
  9. If your eyes feel dry, use moisturizing eye drops and if that doesn't help, stop using contact lenses and visit your eye doctor for advice.
  10. Never borrow contact lenses from anybody and don't lend your contact lenses to anybody!

If you wear make up, you should follow expert’s advice on this issue. According to Selen Hurer, there are a number of products that contact lens wearers should avoid. For instance, they should not use oily make-up removers, water resistant eye pencils or mascaras, as they can seriously irritate their eyes. Contacts should be inserted before applying makeup and patients should make sure their hands are really clean before touching the lenses.

Instead of using concealer on the eyelids, contact lens users should apply an eye primer before putting on eye shadow. In addition, lens wearers should avoid applying eye cream on the upper lid or using glitter eye shadows (glitter can get under a contact lens and which may result in severe complications). Finally, Hurer advises all contact lens wearers to keep their cosmetic sponges and brushes clean to minimize the risk of infection.

If you have any questions about proper contact lens use and care, please don't hesitate to contact us on cs@optykrozmus.com or visit your local eye doctor for help.