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Why do I have to get my eyes tested before buying contacts?

As medical products, contact lenses need to be handled with great care. You insert them in your eyes after all, so it is only wise to visit an eye doctor before buying your first pair. Contact lenses come in different sizes and powers and it is your eye doctor’s job to fit you with the best sized contacts with the power you need. He will also show you how to use your contact lenses and how to take care of them.

To find the right prescription

Eye test  before buying contactsMany people need vision correction and this is established by your eye care professional who will give you a prescription (in powers). Ranges of powers vary from brand to brand but most of them cover the needs of 99% of patients. An eye care specialist needs to test your eyes and specify what prescription is best for you, whether you are short-sighted or long-sighted and whether you have astigmatism or presbyopia. Depending on the result of these tests, he will give you contact lens prescription for your eyes. Remember that if you are wearing glasses, your prescription for contact lenses will be different to the one for your glasses. Contacts lie directly on your eyes, whereas glasses are a few centimeters away, hence the difference.

To fit the right size

Another contact lens parameter for your eye doctor to define is BC/DIA - base curve and diameter. These two markings are always specified together and they basically define contact lens’ size. The biggest contact lenses you can find in our shop are scleral lenses with a diameter of 22mm. Regular contact lenses have diameters ranging from 13.5 to 15mm.

Wearing contact lenses that are too small might result in corneal injury and a risk of infection and contact lenses that are too big will roll on your eyes and you will have difficulty wearing them, therefore it is very important to perform a contact lens fitting session with your eye doctor before buying contact lenses.

To show you how to use them

Your eye doctor is obliged to show you, how to wear and take out your contact lenses. He will also inform you about all risks and requirements associated with wearing your new contact lenses and about ways of taking care of them. If he doesn't show you, how to clean and store your contact lenses, ask him, that’s his job. For more advice on this topic, read this article with a tutorial video.

As you can see, an appointment with your eye doctor is a must before investing in any contact lenses. It is for your own safety and health to know if you can wear contact lenses and what are your eyes needs. By knowing what you really need you are also minimizing the risk of disappointment because remember - we only accept returns of unopened boxes of lenses.