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Soleko Contact Lenses

Soleko has been making high quality contact lenses and care solutions since the 70's. They have created their own technologies to produce some of the world’s finest coloured toric and progressive colour contact lenses. They are leaders in design and manufacture. Soleko is ISO 9001, EN 46001 and ISO 13485 certified and fully CE approved.

Soleko is convinced of the importance of research and development and as such cooperates with the most prestigious Italian and foreign universities to create new innovative products for opticians.

Soleko is the only company in the world right now using plant stem cells in lenses and solutions.

Queens Oros Ash Glance
Gorgeous light grey blending highlights. Classy and fashionable.
£22.99 £29.99
Queens Oros Cold Mint
Pretty turquoise, perfect for blue or green eyes even dark ones.
£22.99 £29.99
Queens Oros Honey Gold
Fabulous golden-brown sparkles surround the pupil complimented with an emphasizing dark outer ring.
£22.99 £29.99
Queens Oros Mystery Violet
Striking violet highlights held in place by a black ring that draws the attention.
£22.99 £29.99
Queens Oros Noble Blue
Deep sapphire for a noticeable change of eye colour, outstanding comfort and crisp vision.
£22.99 £29.99
2.0 out of 5
Queens Oros Siberian Blue
Ice blue highlights, hints of magical winter cold. Quite striking.
£22.99 £29.99
Queens Oros Sweet Brown
Warm rich brown effect with dark ring to define.
£22.99 £29.99
Queens Oros Warm Green
A rich spray of green surrounded with a black border. Inspired by spring.
£22.99 £29.99
Queens Solitaire Aqua
Aqua spray around the iris to enhance already light eyes.
£26.99 £31.99
Queens Solitaire Jade
A light cloud of green tones circle the pupil. Best on green eyes.
£26.99 £31.99
Queens Solitaire Light Blue
Suites pale blue or grey eyes. Spray of blue shades to highlight and accent.
£26.99 £31.99
Queens Solitaire Light Green
Pale green spray pattern ideal for green eyes.
£26.99 £31.99
Queens Solitaire Pearl
Blending highlights that work with most eye colours for a subtle effect.
£26.99 £31.99
Queens Solitaire Spice
Cinnamon tones emphasize your brown eyes. Very popular colour.
£26.99 £31.99
2.0 out of 5
Queens Solitaire Violet
Clouds of violet bring definition and emphasis. Suites most eye colours subtly.
£26.99 £31.99
Queens Solitaire Yellow
Glints of yellow gold. Can work with some dark eyes.
£26.99 £31.99