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ColourVue Contact Lenses

The most colourful and craziest contacts perfect for all possible occasions!

3 Tone Blue Contact Lenses
£12.99 £16.99
3 Tone Brown Contact Lenses
£12.99 £16.99
3 Tone Green Contact Lenses
£12.99 £16.99
3 Tone Grey Contact Lenses
£12.99 £16.99
3 Tone Grey - EXPIRY 2020
£6.49 £16.99
3 Tone Violet Contact Lenses
£12.99 £16.99
3 Tone Violet - EXPIRY 2020
£6.49 £16.99
Anaconda Contact Lenses
£14.50 £21.99
Anaconda - EXPIRY 2020
£7.25 £21.99
Angel Dust 22mm Sclera Contact Lenses
£62.99 £85.99
Apocalypse 22mm Sclera Contact Lenses
£62.99 £85.99
Athena Blue 22mm Sclera Contact Lenses
£62.99 £85.99
Avatar Contact Lenses
£14.50 £21.99
Avatar - EXPIRY 2020
£7.25 £21.99
Barbie Pink Contact Lenses
£14.50 £21.99
BigEyes Awesome Black Contact Lenses
£14.99 £21.99
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ColourVue Contacts

Manufactured by MaxVue Vision, ColourVue contact products are available in an exceptional number of shades and versions. There’s practically no effect or look that you can’t achieve wearing one of them. Their designs range from elegant and discreet (suitable for a romantic date, a day at the office or a business event) to totally crazy ones, perfect for a Halloween bash or a comic book convention. Wearing one of the ‘crazy’ ColourVue contact lenses, you can, for instance, quickly transform yourself into a werewolf, a vampire or a zombie and your costume will gain a completely new dimension. And if you opt for a more traditional design, your eyes will get not only a new colour or shade, but also additional depth or sparkle.

ColourVue contact lenses offered at the Optyk Rozmus online shop come in a wide variety of versions. Apart from standard-sized contacts, we also stock large diameter lenses, covering a significant portion of the eye and creating particularly creepy effects.

What’s more, many of the contacts are manufactured in prescription powers, which makes them a great option for daily wear.

As MaxVue Vision pays special attention to the development of new technologies, all ColourVue contact lenses use the latest materials, resulting in excellent safety and comfort. Their softness and water content are as excellent as those found in regular contact lenses used solely for vision correction, which means they can be worn as often and for similarly long periods of time. On top of that, if they're properly maintained, they can be replaced every three months (standard sizes) or even as rarely as once a year (mini sclera and sclera lenses).

Of course, the largest members of the ColourVue family of products may require some time to get used to. However, as our customers point out, the otherworldly effects they provide are worth the extra effort. Plus, sclera lenses are much more comfortable than they seem at first and it's not that difficult to learn how to insert and take them out.

One of the best things about the brand is that it regularly introduces innovative designs, allowing its fans to create extraordinary new looks whenever they feel like it. The ColourVue range keeps growing and the imagination of MaxVue designers appears to have no limits.It doesn't matter whether they work on regular coloured contacts or special effects ones, they always come up with something remarkable.

Apart from contact lenses, the category includes great lens care solutions (with free storage cases in the box), ideal for keeping your contacts free from unwanted deposits and dangerous pathogens.

Don't wait and check the section and get one of these brilliant coloured contacts right now!

Customer Reviews for our ColourVue Contact Lenses

Number of reviews: 399
Average Rating: 4.7 out of 5